Invisalign® is an invisible way to straighten teeth without the use of braces. The system uses multiple sets of clear, removable, custom-made aligners to straighten your teeth without having to use metal wires or brackets.

How Does Invisalign® work?

  • You wear each set of aligners for about two weeks to three weeks, or as directed by Dr. DeForest
  • Remove your aligners only to eat, drink, brush and floss
  • Your teeth will move gradually each week
  • Office visits are approximately every 10 weeks
  • The number of aligners varies depending on how much movement of the teeth is required.

Advantages of Invisalign®

  • Almost invisible
  • Virtually painless
  • Typically does not affect speech
  • No dietary or oral hygiene restrictions

What does Invisalign® treatment involve?

First, an initial treatment plan is created before fabricating the special aligning trays. Three-dimensional digital models are taken of the entire jaw. Sophisticated imaging software (iTero)  allows the movement of specific teeth on the screen and allows the jaw to be viewed from different angles. Once planning is complete, a unique set of aligners is made.  The total amount of aligners required varies with each individual case.

What are some considerations when wearing Invisalign® trays?

Life with Invisalign® aligning trays may take several weeks to get used to.  The trays should be worn constantly, except when eating and drinking.  It is important to remove the trays when consuming food or drink because food can become trapped between the tray and the teeth, causing tooth decay.

Usually, new trays are necessary every two to three weeks, and progress between appointments can be seen with the naked eye. There is no doubt that Invisalign® aligning trays have revolutionized orthodontics. Invisalign® is renowned for being both comfortable and effective.

Align Technologies, the parent company of Invisalign®, offers an Advantage Program that recognizes doctors who have achieved a particular level of Invisalign® experience. Dr. DeForest has been recognized as an Invisalign® Gold provider. A Gold Provider has a higher level of education and experience in treating orthodontic cases with Invisalign®.

Using clear aligners, Invisalign® is the clear way to straighten teeth without braces. Aligners are removable and virtually invisible, which means you can straighten your teeth without anyone knowing. In addition, you can still eat and drink what you would like and brush and floss normally to maintain healthy gums and teeth. Since there are no wires or brackets, discomfort caused by mouth abrasions and emergency visits are rare.

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